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Progress (or non-progress?) Report

I continued working on my world map quilt until shortly before my vacation. I paused in the middle of row 6 (of 13), somewhere in northern Africa, so the blocks are not quite halfway done. During vacation, I had time to hand-quilt my white vintage quilt - it's not finished, but the rest can be done without a frame.

Upon coming back home, I had my hands full with daily tasks and church service music, so the only sewing I did was one quick lavender sachet for a friend's birthday.


This holiday weekend is busy with music, and though no family members are coming to visit, we've invited friends over for coffee and cake on Sunday afternoon. Cooking, baking and keeping everything neat will have top priority.

After that, I can get back to creative work, though not on my magnum opus. I will be spending the coming month putting my lecture for the Tolkien Seminar together - a comparison of the narrative function of music in the BBC and German radio plays. I will also be revamping a costume for a friend's birthday party, so my sewing and crafting time will be needed for that. Perhaps I should follow my favourite costume maker's example and write a list of what I need to make:

change dress: replace blue cord lacing with black; hand sew black velvet trim on top of existing coloured trim (so I can take it off if I want the original look back)
apron: sew black/white striped fabric (already purchased)
cap: sew white fabric and lace (from stash), decorate (feather and brass owl button, perhaps, or goggles made of metal sieves)
ammo belt: cut faux leather, sew elastic to hold corks in place
tool belt: add loops to existing belt, customize tools by using wood and/or copper self-adhesive foil

blouse: I plan to use a ruffled long-sleeved white blouse I already have.
boots: My high-heeled laced black leather ankle boots will be fine, probably topped with something like spats - the faux fur hobbit foot toppers I've used over bare feet in sandals.

chains with old keys and/or other details: as time and material allow

Before I start on the changes, I want to take a "before" picture of the hobbit dress...

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